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My Favorite Videos! 

Just a hiding place in my site to put links to some of my favorite videos and channels.  Music from my youth, lots of military tributes, patriotic songs, motivational speeches, my favorite battle scenes, and stuff that just makes me feel good.   This page is still in work, so you may see titles with no links - they are coming soon.  This video list will change periodically, so check back often!

This page last updated with new videos:  Monday, December 24, 2018 03:09 PM


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Battle & Fight Scenes

Act of Valor Extract Scene
Zero Dark Thirty Raid Scene
Lone Survivor Contact Scene

Tears of the Sun: Danger Close
Tears of the Sun: Battle Scenes
Second Hand Lions Bar Fight
13 Hours Fight Scene
Operation Jericho


Favorite Music

When a Blind Man Cries
Simple Man

When the Wild Wind Blows
The Clansman
House of the Rising Sun

Perfect Strangers
Find Another Fool
I'm So Afraid
Gold Dust Woman


Patriotic Songs

I am America
Remember Who We Are

Patriot Weapon of Choice
JD - Stand Up
JD - I am American

Take Our Freedom Back


Christian Music

Sing To Jesus
You Reign Alone
Praise You in This Storm
Revelation Song
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
Blessed Redeemer
Sing to Jesus
Mary Did You Know

Motivational Speeches

From My Cold Dead Hands!
Admiral McRaven
Marcus Luttrell 1 of 2
Marcus Luttrell 2 of 2

Ronald Reagan - Patriotism

Freedom's Safest Place

The Violence of Lies
Naive Clingers
You Haven't Met America
My Freedom

The Truth About Benghazi

The entire Freedom's Safest Place video library


My Helmet Cam Videos

NoCoTAC Match 3/18/17
NoCoTAC Match 4/15/17

My YouTube Channel

Military Tributes

Hell Yeah - Rev Theory
Sound of Silence - Disturbed

Bad Company - FFDP
Warrior - Kid Rock 



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