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Resource Suggestion:

Welcome to Gonzo's Garage. While I always strive to provide meaningful content for my readers, I often rely on visitors to suggest links, topics, and other worthwhile content for my website, particularly when it comes to resources for the Veteran's Resources page.  If you have a link to a resource that you would like to suggest, please use the resource submission form below.  All mandatory fields are marked with a *.  If you do not fill in a required field, then your submission will not go through. I will review your suggestion as soon as possible, and get back to you with further questions or concerns.   I appreciate your resource suggestions and willingness to reach out, but I also protect my readers (and my reputation) from questionable content and associations to the extent possible.   Please review these notes about resource requirements before submitting your resource suggestion.

Resource Submission Notes:

  • Do NOT send me a resource to a link that is hidden inside an obfuscated URL.  Your link must be a plain-language URL that is clear as to where it goes.   Hiding your resource inside an obfuscated URL is dishonest, and I will not subject my readers to that nonsense.  Doing so will cause your resource submission to be immediately discarded.

  • I will check your resource!  I am a cyber-security analyst, in case you haven't picked up on that by now.  If you send me a recommendation and it turns out to be a malicious site, I will report it to VirusTotal, the SANS Internet Storm Center, and a few other choice security sites.  I will also forward the URL for evaluation and content category blocking by the various firewall manufacturers such as CheckPoint and Cisco so that they can update their clients' blocking signatures.

  • If you send me a malicious link or to a website that advocates violence, illegal activity, child pornography, or any physical/virtual attack on the citizens of the United States, I will report you to the FBI.

  • Putting content on a site such as "Wikibuy" or a mattress store just  to get the site ranked by adding unconnected content will earn your suggestion email an express ticket to the trash folder and your email address blocked.

  • With very few exceptions, I will allow links to sites in friendly countries such as Israel, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  But links to places such as North Korea, Ukraine, Russia, China, Iran, and the whole myriad of bad actor states will be disallowed.

  • I reserve the right to deny a request to post your resource on my website for any reason.  I also reserve the right to remove a link for any reason.  I edit this site frequently and perform housekeeping and design changes that may result in your resource no longer being relevant to this website.  It is up to you to ensure that if a link is removed that you resubmit for consideration.


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